Thursday, 18 November 2010

2011 is upon us, no really it is!

Hey to everyone who has been checking my blogger page, i know i dont update with new blogs very often but im hoping to change that.

There have been a few developments with regards to my own personal life but most importantly with the band, after taking the 2-3 months off so i could focus as much time as i could on P.R. work its also given myself and the band time to think about the future.

Unfortunately we have decided not to continue pushing my debut releases in a live setting with "7", due to band members other commitments and personal/proffessional development (among other reasons) we have decided to finish amicably.

My intentions were always to have the band involved with producing the albums be the same band performing the material live, as a result of these recent developments i wasnt willing to continue this project if all original members were not to be a part of it.
It is a shame we werent able to bring these 3 albums to you on a silver platter with bells and whistles like we intended, i wish the guys all the best of luck :-)

On the flipside however.........

I have been more excited than ever about where music is taking me right now, im constantly following that creative voice in my head and it has led me to some very strange but refreshingly new places hehe.

The new album will be the clearest representation of my musical work so far, after experiencing what lifes thrown at me (including bands, albums and other musical noodlings) i can see and hear what this album "My Mona Lisa" will be like.

Many of you who have heard and purchased my CD's will have an idea of how eclectic they are, my initial aim was to create 3 individually different albums back then.
The break from the band has given me some valuable time to sit and really get to know my musical self, ive been going through my never ending pile of archived music from the beginnings right up to where i am now.
There has always been big influences on me throughout (biggest being Joe Satriani, of whom i had the pleasure of meeting this year which was a childhood dream come true)
Aside from the influences there are moments of destinctiveness, traits that were subtle to begin with but gradually become obvious to me as i got to the later recordings.
Even i was unaware of them throughout my years as a musician, sometimes you have to take a step back from what your doing to really appreciate what you do.
Im not saying this is a unique feeling since im sure it happens in all walks of life, i guess its all part of being a creative.
It is strange though because i honestly find it so hard to except compliments from people, i suppose this has alot to do with the reasons why ive never really listened to myself or ever pat myself on the back for anything.
The feeling is like becoming so connected to what you do everything about it becomes 2nd nature, like typing 100's upon 1000's of words a minute on a keyboard becomes so easy you forget how hard it was the first time around.
Then after leaving it alone for a while you suddenly become like an outsider looking in again, looking at yourself as if it were someone else (or something like that haha)


As i have always promised to myself, i will continue my quest of gigging and maybe someday touring my music, so heres to making 2011 my busiest musical year yet!

Peace & Luv as always,

Lucky ;-) xx