Monday, 30 April 2012

Full Circle Charity Single

Hey folks,
i know its been some time since i updated my blog space...
I've been busy with allot of things but theres something special i have been involved with and wanted to share the experience with you today.

Full Circle are a group of very talented singers (including my awesome older brother Herb Singh) that have taken the time to use their talents for a good cause.
I wont go into detail about how they were all approached and got together etc.. i will say it was an idea that was arranged by Paul Davies and Kiki Deville but you can visit for more info, the website actually launches at midnight tonight so get on over and check it out people!!

My brother told me about it when he was approached by Paul to be a featured singer, then i was asked if i would consider arranging the song and recording the music.
The track is called "I Believe" that featured in the film Honey (Jessica Alba) Paul then hit me up with a version of his own Piano and his vocal take and i used those to build up and arrange a new version of the song.

I would then start receiving more and more vocals from Paul, home recordings from some amazing vocalists involved and i was even more excited after hearing the level of talent that would contribute.
The level of talent and the age range was something i found pretty amazing, each personality and vocal style unique, many from different generations of musical influence but working together in harmony.

So... as i was working away at the final recordings both of my home studio PC's decided to give up on me, not just give up for minor repairs but actually give up to the local skip!
It was abit of a race against time at this point, fortunately i have some very good friends of mine Andrew and Steven Eastment that run a very good local studio and they offered to help me out.
After losing all of my original drum tracks i had to re-record them and re-record all of my guitars and bass guitar at The Smash Rooms, Steven Eastment being there to produce and engineer the session for me. Literally a day or 2 later i had to get the files over to Blue Print Studios in Manchester for the vocal sessions, fortunately everything went according to plan with no issues.

Blue Print Studios in Manchester well, what can i say....
For 2 days the vocals would be recorded there and then the final day would be mixing and mastering the song, i was fortunate enough to spend the 1st day and the 3rd (mixing) day there.
This would be the 1st time many members of the group would meet, and the day was absolutely amazing fun. As it was a little hectic i didn't get much time to mingle and speak to everyone, it was just nice to be there though and watch everyone having such a great time.
Being sat in the control room with the amazing producer "Mr Fred Kindt" was one of the greatest experiences ive had as a musician/composer/producer myself, i totally feel at home in any studio but being sat there with someone whose worked with some of the biggest names in the industry was pretty amazing to be fair!

One of the main highlights had to be sitting there in the control room and listening to each and every vocalist do their thing, allot of pressure for many I'm sure considering some had never been in a studio before. Couldn't of been easy thinking "Shit... Rhianna etc have stood right here where I'm now and recorded some of their hits" lol!
Honestly though, every vocal take was flawless, hearing the track build up just made me feel even more proud to be part of this venture.

Well i think i will leave it there but go visit for more info about the single, the website launches at midnight tonight and you will get to hear the single before its released!!
The proceeds from the single sales go to a charity called Me & Dee at Me & Dee is a registered charity established to offer and create 'special moment treats' for when time is precious, for anyone of any age with life threatening and life limiting conditions.
Of course you can donate now if you wish too, still be sure to buy the single when it becomes available too and donate again for us :-)

Its all about Full Circle today folks so head on over and show your support at

Much Luv as Always :-)

Lucky Singh xx